Hey. How did your week start? I hope you are well and keeping productive folks. The first video that I made on “What the Scrum Master does all day” received tonnes of positive feedback. Thanks for your support everyone. I really appreciate it. As that video has received more than 100 likes and as promised in that video, I have made the sequel to that video. In today’s vlog we will learn more about what the Scrum Master does all day and how the Scrum Master uses 8 different hats to handle the situation that occur during the day. I use this video as a learning aid for the Scrum Masters I am mentoring and also to teach others in the company I am currently working with to understand what they can expect from their Scrum Masters. I do hope this video can also help you deepen your understanding and improve your Scrum Mastery. And also don’t forget to interact with the community in the comment section. See you in the comment section. 


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