In another blog post, we discussed that we are the only species that collectively demonstrate more complex behaviours than they individually do, and this unique ability is pivotal in order to solve real-world problems, from mitigating ethnic violence to dealing with an infectious disease.

Today, to be able to enable this collective power, we know that we must make teams. However, “how to make effective teams” is the real question and there’s no “silver-bullet” answer.

So Nithin Bopanna and I have started to organise events to hear from the teams that solve interesting problems in highly complex environments. After hosting Prof. Yaneer Bar-Yam, an eminent scientist who contributed to the founding of the field of complex systems science, our next guest will be Richard Durham from Riverlane, a company that’s been building OS for quantum computers and operating in Boston, Cambridge (UK) and San Francisco.

More than 40 years after being first proposed, building a quantum computer is described as “possibly the hardest thing we have tried as a species”. Hundreds of research labs around the world, with thousands of people, are working on building a better quantum computer. Building a usefully functional quantum computer requires a diversity of expertise.

Join us in the event and let’s explore together what makes a quantum computer, what problems need to be solved to make them generally useful, and how the skills required go far beyond physics.

There are still free tickets here with limited availability: Click to register


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