What if you spent $500,000 to buy a brand-new hand-built Rolls Royce Phantom luxury car just to find out you got a fake. This regularly happens in companies big and small. Large investments are made to be “Agile” and all they end up with is a phony. It’s not real. It looks real, but it’s a cheap knock-off.

Scrum is one of the most popular frameworks that is used by companies to become an agile organization. In this talk, you’ll learn the early warning signs of when you have fake Scrum and why a fake is such a problem. You’ll take away things you can do to uncover fake Scrum and unlike owning a fake Rolls Royce, you can make it real once you know it’s fake.

Learning Objectives

What does fake Scrum look like?
Why is fake Scrum a problem?
What can I do to fix fake Scrum?

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