What’s good this week awesome people? I hope your week has been well.

Lately I have noticed more and more companies who over-emphasise the Scrum mechanics. Sure, the mechanics of Scrum is needed so that Scrum does not look to abstract but Scrum itself is not complete without the Scrum values. From my personal observation, companies who just focus on the Scrum mechanics actually ended up in implementing iterative-mini-waterfall rather than Scrum. What I like about Professional Scrum over the others is because it emphasise the Scrum values more than just the mechanics of Scrum. In this vlog, I elaborate the behaviours of people in the company living the Scrum values beyond just moving in motion. I use this video to people in the companies I work with who are new to Scrum. I hope this video can also help you guide people to move beyond the mechanics and start living the Scrum values. Have a great week everyone. Keep Scrumming.

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