Is your Sprint Review effective?

Many teams do it just as it is one of the main elements of Scrum, while it is a game-changing event if you use it correctly.

So, I have made a literally short video explaining the foundation of the Sprint Review event concisely and precisely.

In addition, I added 4 questions in it triggering you to think of improving your way of conducting the Sprint Review.

If you have a great experience with this event, share it here in the below comment section.


Every single event of Scrum is a formal opportunity for inspection and adaptation.

Based on this definition, Sprint Review is an event in which the entire Scrum Team and key stakeholders inspect the outcome of the Sprint plus progress toward the Product Goal and adapt the Product Backlog.

It is a collaborative session seeking feedback and new learning.

The reliable outcome of the Sprint Review comes out when it is interactive and the Increment is brought to the event to be tested directly by stakeholders.

However, the very text of the Scrum Guide says “the Scrum Team should avoid limiting it to a presentation.”

Now a few questions for thinking:

1-    Do you actively seek feedback?

2-    Do you have a Product Goal to measure your progress against?

3-    Do you update the Product Backlog collaboratively with stakeholders?

4-    Is your Sprint Review literally interactive and engaging?

So, be honest with yourself and start improving your Sprint Review based on the answers to these questions.

Hope this video triggered you to think of your Sprint Review.

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