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Quintessential Thought

When our brains feel a threat, we shut down. This is often called neurobiological flooding. In work settings, this often happens when we are in a situation with conflict.

When flooding happens, creativity and rational thought are extremely limited. For most of our work, that is extremely damaging. We need to be aware when we are flooding, and when others around us are flooding.


“Fear of a bully, fear of a volcano; the power within you does not distinguish. It does not recognize degree.” ― N.K. Jemisin

“Negative emotional states are a breeding ground for mistakes.” ― Sam Owen

“Stress should be a powerful driving force, not an obstacle.” ―Bill Phillips

Quick Step

When you sense you might be starting to flood: take a second and ask yourself “What’s happening? Why am I flooding?”

When you sense others might be starting to flood: ask them how they’re feeling. (It sounds cliche, but just try it and see what happens!)


What has been a trigger for me in the past that causes me to flood at work?


Workshop it!

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