TL; DR: Scrum Master Success Indicators

How do you know your team’s Scrum Master is successful? I identified ten Scrum Master success indicators from a team perspective, from self-sufficiency to delivering valuable Increments to embracing self-management. How Do You Compare?

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What Scrum Master Success Looks Like

Behind every successful Scrum Team is an unsung hero: the Scrum Master.

They are the team’s guide, supporting them in turning the Scrum Guide’s principles into everyday practice. Their coaching cultivates an environment where self-management thrives, and everyone embraces Scrum Values. The ultimate tribute to a Scrum Master’s work? A high-performing team, demonstrating agility and innovation—without requiring the Scrum Master to hold hands.

Here is my list of ten Scrum Master success indicators:

Self-Management Magicians: Our Scrum Team pulls rabbits out of hats themselves. Autonomy is king; we make decisions and change gears swiftly, and no string-pulling is required.
Regular Magic Shows: We are like a well-oiled magic show, producing a done, usable, and, dare I say, thrilling Increment every Sprint. Our users love us!
Clocked-In Wizards: Our Scrum events? Precision personified. Short, sweet, and to the point, showing the Scrum Master’s capability to facilitate effectively—if so desired.
Audience Participation: Stakeholders are not just spectators! They are active contributors in our Sprint Reviews, offering their $0.02 on the act, just like the Scrum Guide intended.
Endless Enchantment: We keep unveiling improvements, ceaselessly poised to ponder, pivot, and progress. It is as if the Agile Manifesto’s ethos of self-inspection has taken on a life of its own.
Transparency in Trickery: Our Scrum values are no illusion. We practice openness with sincerity, and team members do not shy away from sharing both triumphs and tribulations.
Magic in Metrics: Our team metrics are not arbitrary numbers. They are team-focused, significant, and context-rich indicators that provide insight into our agile journey.
Vanishing Obstacles: Abracadabra, impediments begone! Roadblocks disappear faster than you can say ‘Scrum,’ showcasing the Scrum Master’s effectiveness.
Scrum Scholars: Our Scrum Team is not merely pulling rabbits out of hats; we know why and how it works. The Scrum Master has taught us the magic behind the trick.
Self-Sufficiency Superstars: The Scrum Master’s disappearing act does not cause alarm; it is their master trick. They have educated a Scrum powerhouse that no longer needs constant support. Kudos!


Contrary to popular belief, Scrum Master success does not depend on making themselves completely obsolete. There will always be the need for a facilitator, a second opinion, a coach, or a mentor. However, a successful Scrum Master leaves the spotlight for the team, stepping back behind the stage. 

How would you know that your Scrum Master is successful? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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