TL; DR: Hands-on Agile #53: An Agile Coaches Guide to Storytelling with Bob Galen

On September 5, 2023, we had the opportunity to listen to Bob Galen on “An Agile Coaches Guide to Storytelling.” In this session, Bob shared his experience coaching an agile coach struggling to connect with a development manager. He underscored the transformative impact of incorporating personal narratives, lessons learned, teaching stories, and purpose or vision stories into coaching conversations.

Moreover, Bob demonstrated the compelling power of storytelling in agile coaching by using stories to share knowledge and wisdom while fostering dialogue.

📺 Watch the video nowAn Agile Coaches Guide to Storytelling — Bob Galen at the 53. Hands-on Agile.

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“I’m going to tell you a story.”

“I was coaching an agile coach who lamented that they weren’t connecting with their coaching client, in this case, a development manager. I asked them to share a typical coaching conversation, and they spoke about a series of questions they asked that essentially went unanswered—leaving them and the client quite frustrated. I asked them what other coaching techniques they had tried, and it boiled down to only coaching stances and only open-ended questions.”

“I suggested they experiment with weaving some stories into their coaching conversations. Personal stories, lesson-learned stories, teaching stories, purpose or vision stories, and relationship or connection-building stories. I spoke to them about sharing their knowledge and wisdom with the client via story, not dominating the conversation but augmenting it, and using the story as a backdrop to their questions and explorations with the client.”

“They later told me that this small change significantly impacted their coaching after a bit of practice. This talk is about bringing the power of Storytelling INTO your agile coaching and discovering the magic of the Story. Now, please share this story with others, and I hope to see you in the talk…”

During the Q&A, Bob answered the following questions:

How can you utilize stories in agile coaching without being prescriptive?
Any tips to get over the feeling of “people don’t want to hear about me and my stories; they just want facts”?
When you are an introverted Scrum Master struggling with ad-hoc verbal creativity, how can you improve storytelling? 

Watch the recording of Bob’s session now:

Meet Bob Galen

Bob Galen is an Agile Practitioner, Trainer & Coach based in Cary, NC. In this role he helps guide companies and teams in their pragmatic adoption and organizational shift towards agile methods of working.

Bob has been doing that since the late 1990s, so he’s deeply experienced. He is the Director of Agile Practice at Zenergy Technologies, a leading business agility transformation company. Bob is also President and Head Coach at RGCG a boutique agile coaching firm.

Bob regularly speaks at international conferences and professional groups on topics related to agile software development, testing, scaling, and organizational leadership. 

Connect with Bob Galen

Bob Galen on LinkedIn

📺 Watch the video nowAn Agile Coaches Guide to Storytelling — Bob Galen at the 53. Hands-on Agile.

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