Many teams grapple with the challenges of organisational wrath, not realising its profound impact on team dynamics and productivity. This wrath, often stemming from a lack of accountability, can create a ripple effect, disrupting the very core of agile principles. It’s not just about pointing fingers or deflecting blame; it’s about understanding the root causes and addressing them head-on.

Starting with a simple scenario: Imagine a sprint review where stakeholders question the team’s decisions. Instead of a constructive dialogue, there’s an accusatory tone, leading to defensiveness and blame games. This isn’t just a one-off incident; it’s a symptom of a deeper issue. The absence of accountability can lead to such wrath, affecting not just the team but the entire organisation.

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The role of the Product Owner becomes pivotal here. They’re not just responsible for the product but also for fostering a culture of responsibility. Evading responsibility or making fear-driven decisions can have dire consequences. It’s essential to recognise these signs early and address them.

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