Estimating what can be delivered in a single Sprint is a question that stumps many Scrum teams. We start with a simple premise: the Scrum Guide, a compass for many, surprisingly, doesn’t mention ‘estimates’ but talks about ‘size’. I’ll take you through the nuances of understanding the size of work and how it contrasts with traditional estimation.


As we delve deeper, the narrative becomes more complex, akin to navigating a labyrinth. We encounter the unpredictability of creative work and the folly in trying to estimate such endeavours. I make comparisons to more predictable tasks, but the crux of the matter is the uniqueness of each product development journey. Estimation in this context isn’t merely about numbers; it’s about grasping the unknowns and being prepared for the twists and turns.

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Key Topics:

Scrum Team’s Estimation ChallengeSizing vs. EstimationCreative Work’s UnpredictabilityEstimating Predictable vs. Unpredictable TasksRealistic Sprint Planning

This exploration leads us to a stark realisation: estimation is not a science but an art. It’s about making educated guesses, setting targeted Sprint goals, and staying flexible. The ability to adapt is your greatest asset in Scrum planning.

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