Today, we’re thrilled to share a remarkable story from our recent “Becoming a Scrum Master” series, featuring none other than Laurens Bonnema, a seasoned professional Scrum trainer and Scrum Master. His journey, rife with challenges, learning experiences, and triumphs, offers invaluable insights for anyone aspiring to master Scrum.



The Unconventional Start

Laurens’ introduction to Scrum was anything but ordinary. Initially set to work with a lightweight version of the Rational Unified Process (RUP), his path took a sudden turn when his company’s CTO mandated a switch to Scrum. This “Scrum by force” approach, though initially met with reluctance, set Laurens on an unanticipated path of discovery and growth in the world of Agile methodologies.

Learning from Early Hurdles

The beginning of Laurens’ Scrum journey was marked by a challenging project that ultimately failed. However, it was this very experience that highlighted the true efficiency of Scrum – the ability to fail fast and learn faster. This early setback laid the foundation for his future success and deep understanding of Scrum’s potential.

Evolving as a Scrum Master

Transitioning from traditional project management to Scrum, Laurens experienced a significant shift in his approach to leadership and teamwork. His initial directive style gradually transformed into a more supportive, coaching-based role emphasizing collaboration and empowerment. This evolution is a testament to the dynamic and adaptable nature of Scrum roles.

Laurens’ Advice for Aspiring Scrum Masters

For those venturing into the world of Scrum, Laurens advises a proactive approach. Start by deeply understanding the Scrum Guide and then dive into practical application. He emphasizes the importance of flexibility, particularly in renegotiating commitments as situations change. This approach fosters transparency and trust, essential components of successful Scrum teams.

Recommended Reading

Highlighting the importance of continuous learning, Laurens recommends “Fixing Your Scrum” by Ryan Ripley and Todd Miller as a must-read for anyone serious about mastering Scrum. This book offers practical advice and is an excellent resource for new and seasoned Scrum practitioners.


Laurens Bonnema’s journey from a traditional project manager to a Professional Scrum Trainer is inspiring and educational. It is a powerful reminder that the path to Scrum mastery is not linear but filled with opportunities for growth and learning.

We hope Laurens’ story has inspired you to explore Scrum further. Whether you are a budding Scrum Master or an experienced Agile coach, there’s always more to learn and more ways to grow. Keep following our blog for more stories, insights, and tips from the world of Scrum and Agile.


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