On the latest episode of Your Daily Scrum, Todd and Ryan discuss often-underestimated role of dependencies in ordering product backlog items. Todd and Ryan shed light on how these dependencies significantly influence the ordering process, challenging the traditional belief that backlogs should be arranged solely based on value or financial returns.



This revelation serves as a myth-buster, encouraging Scrum practitioners to adopt a more comprehensive approach to backlog management. A vital insight from the video is the significant role of the Product Owner within the Scrum framework. Given full control over the product backlog, a product owner must balance various elements, including value, revenue, and dependencies. 

This isn’t just about managing what’s on the list, but also proactively identifying and resolving dependencies that could turn into potential roadblocks. This proactive approach is key to ensuring smooth and effective project progression. The collaboration between the Product Owner and Scrum Master in handling dependencies is another crucial point highlighted. 

The video also offers practical tips on how Product Owners can work with Scrum Masters to pinpoint, comprehend, and eradicate dependencies, boosting the team’s overall agility and efficacy.

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