Some teams using scrum, hold their sprint review event to demo what was completed. Help unlock the power of this event keeping the words of the scrum guide in mind  “The purpose of the Sprint Review is to inspect the outcome of the Sprint and determine future adaptations.”   


Setting the Stage

When coaching teams on the sprint review, it is crucial to establish a format that fosters feedback on both current accomplishments and upcoming work.  Based on my experience, below is a picture of a potential agenda:


Notice that the title of the Sprint Review includes the team name (Barking Monkeys) injecting  fun by putting their mascot on the agenda.  The team includes the Sprint Goal, and Product Goal, complemented with appropriate backlogs. 


Navigating the Sprint Review

In the realm of the Barking Monkeys team, their Sprint Review unfolds with a deliberate sequence. First, they delve into the Sprint Goal, with the Product Owner articulating the selected Product Backlog Items (PBIs) that the team decided met this goal. This discussion isn’t just about showcasing completed work; it’s also an opportunity to reflect on impactful events during the Sprint, such as production issues that arose and were resolved.  


Next, demonstrate the increment by showing the working software.   Stakeholders are guided through the software’s functionalities, with pauses strategically placed for their feedback. This interactive process ensures that stakeholder insights are promptly integrated, with the Product Owner noting any new backlog items or refinements necessitated by the feedback loop.


Elevating the Vision

Next, the Product Owner unveils their vision for the current Product Goal. This vision isn’t static; it includes forecasts and timelines, inviting stakeholders to provide input on their expectations, desires, and market dynamics. Discussions encompass market conditions, competitive landscape insights, and any external factors impacting the product’s trajectory. These insights are assimilated into the product backlog, whether as new items or clarifications, ensuring alignment with evolving market demands.


Driving Value Forward

The Sprint Review isn’t merely one of the last events in your sprint; it is a strategic enabler of value delivery as a working session. By evolving this approach to work for your team, you can consistently deliver value to your organization, leveraging the Sprint Review as a catalyst for continuous improvement and customer-centricity. 


If you are interested in this sample agenda, there is a template available on Mural.  Feel free to click that link to create your own agenda in Mural from that template!

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