Scrum is just good business. Scrum success is business success. Your success with Scrum is directly correlated to the Scrum Masters you hire. 

Mark Cuban recently said on a podcast when commenting about CEOs not understanding how benefits worked at their organization. “CEOs don’t understand healthcare coverage and it’s costing them big…it is because these CEOs are getting ripped off that the industry is the way it is because that allows the opacity to continue.” 

We believe the problem Mark is pointing out about corporate benefits is similar to the lack of transparency and awareness that organizations have with regard to their Scrum implementations. This is the weight of the status quo masking root causes from the people closest to the problem. 

Here is an example to shine the spotlight on the negative impact a poor Scrum implementation can have.

Let’s take an organization paying moderate salaries at $100,000 per team member. They have a team of 10 and with a fully loaded benefits factor of 1.4 that is $100,000 * 10 * 1.4 = $1.4 million annually.  A two week Sprint ($1.4m / 26 weeks) is approximately $54k. Let’s round down for simplicity and say $50,000 for a two week Sprint.

Now let’s say you have 10 teams in your organization, that’s $500k every two weeks! If you deliver something releasable only once a quarter that’s 6 two week Sprints at $500k each or $3 million of risk being taken on each quarter!

What if the teams go in the wrong direction? What if their customers say one thing, but their actions are different? What if the market changes? What if technology moves in a different direction?  How long will it take to recognize these patterns with these long feedback loops?  Can your organization afford to be wrong? If yes, how many times?  

Using Scrum to incrementally deliver value is a strategy that will drastically increase the probability of reducing waste and hitting business results. If your Scrum team is not delivering releasable increments often, you have a problem with your Scrum Master. We can help you get the right people on the bus.  

Surprisingly we have found that half of the Scrum Masters in the world are not true Scrum Masters and deliver negative value to their organizations. If you go it alone, you take the risk that you are adding people to your organization that will reduce the ROI of your current employees. With the right person you can get exponential positive returns on the investment in your current people. This is a high stakes hire! 

ScrumMatch can help you find true Scrum Masters and Product Owners that amplify business results.  ScrumMatch will help you find the signal through the noise of the job market.  

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