Hey what’s good this week awesome people? I hope your team are creating something amazing for your customers. The Scrum Master as many of us already know is described as a true leader who serves. Leading by serving is different to other models of leadership such as authoritarian, dictatorship, democratic, laissez faire or even machiavellian. In some cultures, leading by serving is often misunderstood as being the personal assistant of the team. I have always been a firm believer in leading by serving. It’s grows both the leader and also the people.

In the Professional Scrum Master course, we take participants through several case studies how Scrum Master respond to a situation in the company using 8 different hats as the guide. I made a video to help participants better under explains these 8 hats so they can use it as a reminder after the training. If you are an aspiring Scrum Master, hopefully this video helps you in your journey in improving your Scrum mastery. Have a great week ahead everyone.


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