For 10 years I have been using an adapted version of Scrum to organise my personal and professional life. I call this the Personal Scrum System.

The Personal Scrum System is simple, and it works! It can help you achieve your Goals, whatever they might be. The effort will come from you, but the system will help ensure you direct your efforts correctly and maintain focus over the long term. Big Goals take time to achieve, and the Personal Scrum system will allow you to work towards them in small and meaningful steps.

Some people drift through life without direction or Goals. They are directed by the forces and people around them. Some people are happy like this. Others are not. This book is for those that are not, those who want to take control of their lives and achieve something that requires dedication and effort. Personal Scrum will enable you to use a set of tried and tested practices to help you achieve success.

To do this, you will need to decide what you want to achieve, set Goals, and then work towards them. Doing this will ensure you move forward in life with intent, and the Personal Scrum System is designed to help you accomplish this.

The Personal Scrum System is based on the Scrum framework created by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland. Although inspired by Scrum, the Personal Scrum System is not the same and is intended for a different purpose. It is further influenced by concepts and practices from Agile, Lean & Kanban.

Scrum helps teams to do complex work, such as building software. The Personal Scrum System helps individuals succeed in another complex domain – their lives. Life is complex and unpredictable, and we all have to deal with it daily. The Personal Scrum System helps people find success in their lives by setting and achieving Goals.

I believe the Personal Scrum System has huge potential to help people. Do you want to find out more? You can learn more via our Personal Scrum Guide and the Personal Scrum Book.


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