Agile Poster Series 

We began shipping our Scrum Posters in 2019 and created a second version of the Poster in 2020 to align the poster with the latest Scrum Guide. Today, June 2023, after we have shipped thousands of posters around the world, we decided to let the inventory of posters run out.

Based on feedback from users, the posters are very popular to teach Scrum or coach Scrum teams. Some practitioners hung it in their team environment at work or in their home office. Sometimes even both. 

If you like a Scrum poster, or any of our other posters (Lean Coffee, Agile Manifesto, Open Space, Kanban, Agile Kata) go ahead and submit your order before we run out of inventory. We will also add a few stickers to each shipment depending on availability. 

Spread the word of Scrum or elevate Scrum by making the Scrum framework transparent with this visual representation. 

Each poster is printed on glossy high quality paper, 24×36 in dimensions.

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