It’s intriguing how many organisations today are discussing agile transformation, digital transformation, and various other forms of transformation. They’re yearning for change, primarily because they’ve come to the stark realisation that markets have evolved. This realisation, however, isn’t newfound. The markets began their metamorphosis back in the 1930s and had wholly transformed by the 1970s. Yet, it’s only now that a plethora of companies are waking up to this reality, questioning why their age-old processes and systems are faltering.

With this awakening comes a certain itch, not the proverbial 7-year itch, but rather a 70-year one. These companies are on the prowl for new processes and practices. They’ve witnessed the success of agile and are desperate to embrace it. However, their desperation is often misdirected. Instead of committing to understanding and implementing agile, they’re looking for a quick fix. They wish to purchase it off the shelf, hoping someone else will come in, set it up, and magically transform their operations. This mindset has led to the influx of major consulting firms offering advice. Yet, this advice is often generic, based on other large-scale organisational transformations.

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The crux of the matter is that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to agile. You can’t merely emulate another organisation’s approach. It’s imperative to carve out a unique path, tailored to your organisation’s nuances. This requires genuine effort, time, and commitment. It’s not about lusting after the allure of agile but about genuinely integrating it into your organisation’s fabric.

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